bleu mode by julien boudet

Bleus Visages

Bleus Visages

Born in Sète, a major port city in the South of France, photographer Julien Boudet, notably known as Bleu Mode, pays homage to his hometown and its inhabitants through a black and white series of portraits in his new book Bleus Visages

Returning to the almost-island bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the renowned fashion photographer takes a turn from his everyday work to tell the tale of community while illustrating the journey and history of the Sétois.

Bleu from his nickname Bleu Mode originates from the blue hues of the Mediterranean Sea that surround his hometown, and although this project does not fall into the arms of fashion, Boudet wanted to maintain a strong connection between his nickname and photographic work.

With regards to his nickname, Boudet titled his book Bleus Visages, French for ‘blue faces’, in reference to the Sétois faces that have evolved over the years by the sea.

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Words by Amanda Breeze for Schön Magazine
Photography by Charles Roussel