Following personal aesthetics over trends, Julien Boudet has been documenting the evolution of fashion since January 2013. Inspired by the minimalist and surrealist movements, architecture as well as the photographic process, Boudet believes that the foundation of his artistic practice derives from the philosophical ideas of the father of photojournalism, Henri Cartier-Bresson. As Bresson states in his revolutionary novel, The Decisive Moment, “the camera performs the action of documentation, yet it is the responsibility of the human eye to capture this specific moment before it is gone forever.” Through his heightened sense of time and space in collaboration with his immaculate attention to detail, Julien Boudet is capturing what he likes to call The Fashion Decisive Moment.

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Audio Technica BFA NYC Buro247 Bergdorf Goodman
Chapter Creem Magazine Daniel Andresen Dior
Dior Homme Dress Shirt L’eclaireur Esquire Hong Kong
Gap MA3 agency Leon Emmanuel Blanck L’Officiel Singapore
L’Officiel Singapore Homme L’Officiel Italia Louis Vuitton Mort Paris
NSS Mag Nylon Shauns California Second Layer
Stone NY Thom Browne Vogue Ukraine Style Zeitgeist
  • BleuModeThe fashion decisive moment
  • BleuMode NoirA visual study of black fashion
  • BleuMondeInspiration & creative process
Street fashion
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